Oct. 11th, Friday - 11:30 - 12:00

Writing a SD Card driver in Rust

The SD Card specification is an interesting example of a protocol which runs over an SPI bus, and provides access to blocks on the disk. We’ll dig into the Embedded Devices Working Group’s “embedded-hal”, which allows us to write an SD Card driver that works with almost any microcontroller and see how we can use Rust types to represent the commands and responses we need to be able to talk to an SD Card and get it initialised. We’ll then look at the Microsoft FAT filesystem, and see how blocks on disk can represent the files and directories we’re familiar with. We’ll then run a few demos to see what we’ve learned in action.

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Jonathan Pallant

My name is Jonathan, or JP to my friends. I’m @thejpster most places, except where I was late to the party and had to settle for @therealjpster. I’ve been doing Embedded Rust since 2016 and embedded systems since the mid-90s, when I stripped a Commodore 64 and turned it into a line-following robot. These days I am with Ferrous Systems, teaching Rust and offering consulting. Someone once asked me what I’d do if I won a million pounds and I said, uh, probably exactly the same thing I do now really.

Jonathan Pallant