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October 13-14, 2022Berlin & online

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About EuroRust

EuroRust is a 2 day conference for the European Rust community. We cover all things Rust: from Rust patterns and idioms to systems programming and CLI tooling, servers WASM, and embedded systems.

EuroRust is part of the RustFest family of events.

Want to be a speaker?

We are asking the community to submit proposals for talks! Do you have some experience with Rust you would like to share in front of an international audience of enthusiasts and experts? We don’t require prior experience on talking on stage, just come as you are!

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The talks

Our speakers and schedule will be announced soon, but expect this year to be focused on all things Rust, covering:



EuroRust will take place in the Loewe Saal in Berlin's Tiergarten district. The venue is located at Wiebestraße 42-45. It has a spacious main hall, as well as a large court area.

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