Oct. 11th, Friday - 15:00 - 15:30

Windows Kernel Programming with Rust

Ever wanted to know what goes on in the core of the Windows operating system? With Rust, you can craft your own Windows kernel drivers, empowering you to expand, explore and manipulate system functionalities like never before. It’s not just about developing hardware drivers; it opens doors to root kits, game hacks, antivirus solutions, and more. Whether you’re on the defensive or exploring offensive tactics, Rust in kernel programming offers a versatile toolkit.

Join me in the exploration of the state-of-the-art techniques for programming Windows kernel drivers. From navigating pitfalls to essential considerations, this session provides a comprehensive overview. Gain insights into leveraging Rust’s safety and performance for crafting robust and efficient kernel drivers. Don’t miss your chance to harness the power of Rust for both innovation and security in Windows kernel programming!

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Matthias Heiden

Matthias Heiden is a computer science student with over four years of proficiency in Rust and C++. He has written projects and blog posts in the areas that interest him, including low-level programming, reverse engineering, software security, game modding, and artificial intelligence. During his free time, he finds joy in working on side projects and is equally passionate about sharing his expertise with others.

Matthias Heiden