Oct. 10th, Thursday - 14:15 - 14:45

Powerful Macros, Good IDE Support, No Headaches. Choose Two.

Macros are complicated, not only for the developers authoring them but also for the IDEs analyzing them. So how does rust-analyzer, a Rust IDE, actually handle them in a way such that features like completions and usage searching work transparently? In this talk we will explore the mechanism in rust-analyzer that enables these features, the current struggles with it and how both the IDE and library authors can improve the macro IDE experience.

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Lukas Wirth

Lukas Wirth has been working on rust-analyzer since early 2021, having taken on the team leadership at the end of 2022. He currently works at Ferrous Systems as a Software Engineer where he also co-authored the Ferrocene Language Specification for the Ferrocene toolchain. He is also a member of the macros working group and maintains an updated fork of the Little Book of Rust Macros.

Lukas Wirth