OCT. 12-13 2023


Oct 11 2023, 10:00 - 16:00

impl Room

The "impl Room" is a space for Rustaceans who want to contribute to the Rust project or to other crates in the Rust ecosystem.

If you're a maintainer, you can use this room to mentor new contributors and help them get started with your project.
If you're a contributor, you can use this room to get help with your first contribution or to find a project to contribute to.

All participants will receive a free 3 month CLion license valid for personal use from our friends at JetBrains.


We recommend having basic familiarity with Rust. If you're just getting started with the language, we suggest joining the RustBridge workshop instead.

Projects and Mentors

Check out the live document for an up-to-date list of projects and mentors.


"impl Days" were established early on as a tradition of the events in the RustFest family. EuroRust, following in the same footsteps, is now trying to bring them back to life.
The name refers to the first edition that took place during the 2017 "impl Period", which later became "impl Days" and, in this EuroRust edition, "impl Room".

Workshops Venue

workshop venue picture

The EuroRust workshops will take place in the Comet Louise coworking space in the city center of Brussels. The venue is located at Pl. Stéphanie 20, 1050 Brussels.

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