Traveling to Vienna and the Venue

To Vienna

Vienna is well reachable via train from many cities in Europe. Also, Vienna is the central hub of ÖBB's extensive network of sleeper trains. If you're looking for an eco-friendly way to travel to EuroRust, check out the nightjets. Make sure to book early though – nightjets tend to be fully booked months in advance!

If there's no good train connection from the place you're traveling from or you're looking for a more price-conscious alternative, there are buses as well, e.g., via Omio.

Vienna also has an international airport, VIE, if you'd rather fly in.

To the Venue

The venue is located just outside of the city center. The best options to get there from the city center are buses 72A, 76A, 76B, or the train line S80. Bus tickets can be bought via Wiener Linien. Tickets for the train can be bought via ÖBB or at the stations.

The venue is located at 2. Haidequerstraße 1–3, 1110 Wien. Once you're there, enter the area via the main gate and follow the EuroRust signs to the conference venue:

Assistance, Questions, Visas

For any questions or in case you need assistance planning your travel or getting to the venue, please reach out at

If you require a Visa to go to Austria and need support, e.g. by receiving an invitation letter, please reach out as well.