Oct. 11th, Friday - 14:15 - 14:45

Renaissance of Terminal User Interfaces with Rust

For every programmer the terminal is very important when it comes to productivity and efficiency. Using text-based user interfaces in the terminal is one of the ways of truly taking advantage of this. And what’s better than a highly performant systems programming language such as Rust for building TUIs


This talk aims to show how the TX (terminal experience) can be improved with the TUI tools written in Rust and gives a brief introduction to how to build TUIs using the Ratatui library.

The following questions will be answered:

  • What is a terminal user interface (TUI) and why is it used?
  • How to build TUIs in Rust?
  • What can we build with TUIs? (example tools and workflows)
  • What is the future of TUIs? (the terminal is the future!)
  • Additionally:

    • Why shouldn’t we build every app with electron? (i.e. what are the problems with the GUI applications?)
    • How common are TUIs? (statistics and TUI alternatives to GUIs)
    • How powerful is Rust when it comes to building TUIs?
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Orhun Parmaksız

Hey, I’m Orhun, a Rust aficionado with a strong passion for all things open source!

I’m the creator/maintainer of various Rust projects including git-cliff, kmon, and more. See: https://github.com/orhun

I have been leading the Ratatui.rs project since last year, where we’re pushing the boundaries of the terminal by offering a TUI library for Rust developers.

Also, I’m actively packaging Rust tools for Alpine Linux & Arch Linux (btw) and trying to improve the Rust ecosystem for GNU/Linux users.