Oct. 10th, Thursday - 10:45 - 11:15

Build bigger in less time: code testing beyond the basics

Modern software projects are huge: hundreds of thousands of lines of code across hundreds of dependencies. How do they avoid falling apart due to an endless stream of bugs?

The answer: advanced testing techniques — much more than just clippy, unit tests, and end-to-end CI.

Better testing allows us to build bigger in less time, while minimizing bug triage and debugging needs. Let’s dig into some of those advanced techniques and see how they power the projects that we use every day!

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Predrag Gruevski

Predrag has spent the last 8 years working on query engines for almost every kind of data imaginable: from relational and graph databases to APIs and unstructured data files. He built Trustfall, a universal query engine that can query any data source(s), and cargo-semver-checks, a semantic versioning linter for Rust.

Previously, Predrag was a principal engineer at Kensho Technologies, did performance engineering research at MIT, and competed in international math and programming competitions.

When not in front of a screen, Predrag enjoys skiing, ice hockey, and board games. He is also a huge space nerd. Ask him about the time he went to watch a giant rocket explode!

Predrag Gruevski