Accessibility Statement

If you need any help, please contact us at

EuroRust is an inclusive conference and strives to be accessible to everyone. We offer significantly discounted tickets for concession holders as well as complimentary tickets for assistants of disabled participants. If you’re not sure whether the concession rate should apply to you, please do get in touch via,

Our goal is that the conference and related events are accessible to everyone. However, we are aware that accessibility issues are diverse and we may not have everything covered off in our plans – please reach out, and we will do our very best to confirm we have those requirements under control. Send an email to

While we are still in the process of finalizing all the details around the event, there are already some concrete measures we know we'll be able to take to ensure the event is accessible for everyone:

  • The conference venue will be fully accessible by wheelchair.
  • Clear signage to, from and through the venue will be installed.
  • Non-gendered toilets will be available.
  • We'll serve a wide range of food, including vegan and vegetarian options.