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October 13-14, 2022 Berlin & online

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Lukas Bergdoll

FOSS advocate and Rust enthusiast at MVTec Software GmbH

Hi, I’m Lukas a Rust and FOSS enthusiast. At my job I work on language interfaces, compilers, an IDE and design and maintain a programming language. Outside of work I’m one of the organizers of MUC++, arguably one of the largest and most active C++ user groups in the world, where we focus on providing free high quality education, paired with the opportunity to meet other programming enthusiasts. I’ve given hour long talks at CppCon, MeetingC++ and MUC++. I’ve used a dozen different programming languages at my last and current job and love learning new things. I started learning Rust in 2017 and have since been one of those people that vote for ‘would like to use in the future’ in the yearly stackoverflow survey.