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October 13-14, 2022 Berlin & online

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Colin Finck

Software Engineer at ENLYZE GmbH

Colin Finck is a German Software Engineer with 15 years of experience in low-level and open-source software development. He joined the ReactOS Project in 2007 to dig deep into Windows internals and held various roles in Kernel & User Mode Development, Release Engineering, System Administration, and Project Management over the years. In 2017, Colin Finck got in touch with the Rust programming language as part of his Master’s Thesis. He managed to port the HermitCore Unikernel from C to Rust in a couple of months, with a result that is shorter, easier to maintain, and less prone to bugs. Driven by this success, Colin fully embraced the Rust language, uses it for new projects wherever possible, and encourages you to do the same :)

Colin is working at ENLYZE since 2018, where he creates connectors for proprietary PLC systems found in the industrial manufacturing space and implements a data pipeline for acquiring live process data – all in Rust. Apart from that, he continues to bring the ReactOS, open-source Windows and Rust worlds closer together and has released several related crates in the recent past (ntfs, nt-hive, nt-list).

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